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    Date: July 20, 2021  
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Contest:DEM Council Member 38th Council District
Election Date:2021/06/22
Election results
Alexa Aviles won the DEM Council Member 38th Council District Primary with 6,857 of the votes in the final round.
Alexa Aviles defeated Yu Lin, who received 3,683 of final votes.
How the votes were counted - round by round
 Round 1Round 2Round 3Round 4Round 5
Eliminated in this round Write-insVictor SwintonCesar ZunigaJacqui Painter; Rodrigo G. Camarena**
Elected    Alexa Aviles*
Votes in this round# votes% of votevotes transfered# votes% of votevotes transfered# votes% of votevotes transfered# votes% of votevotes transfered# votes% of vote
Alexa Aviles 4,806 39.7%2 4,808 39.7%61 4,869 40.9%338 5,207 45.0%1650 6,857 65.1%
Yu Lin 3,113 25.7%6 3,119 25.8%57 3,176 26.7%114 3,290 28.4%393 3,683 34.9%
Rodrigo G. Camarena 1,398 11.5%3 1,401 11.6%23 1,424 12.0%195 1,619 14.0%-XXX
Jacqui Painter 1,189 9.8%1 1,190 9.8%93 1,283 10.8%179 1,462 12.6%-XXX
Cesar Zuniga 1,086 9.0%2 1,088 9.0%66 1,154 9.7%-XXX 
Victor Swinton 491 4.1% 491 4.1%-XXX  
Write-ins 33 0.3%-XXX   
Inactive ballots  19 19 191 210 328 538 1038 1,576 
*The winning candidate is the candidate in the round with final 2 candidates who has the most votes.
**Two or more candidates with the lowest number of votes can be eliminated in a single round if their total number of votes is less than
the votes for the candidate immediately ahead of them. This means that, if all next choices went to one of them, they would still trail
the next higher candidate, and the outcome will be the same whether they are eliminated one by one, or at the same time.